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We've got spirit!

staff posing with tigers gear staff posing with tigers gear staff posing with tigers gear

Drew's students and staff got together to celebrate Tigers Opening Day with lots of community spirit and friendship. The whole center was decked out in orange and blue, with everyone wearing Detroit Tigers gear to show their support for the team. It wasn't just about showing team pride; it was also a great chance for the students to take part in a fun community tradition that helped them make friends and feel more connected. All day, you could hear laughter and talk about baseball, favorite players, and great games, showing how sports can bring people together.

The staff at Drew Transition Center really stepped up to make this day special, making sure every student had a good time. Teachers and other staff helped decorate the classrooms with Tigers banners, posters, and balloons to set a fun and festive mood. They planned special activities like a Tigers trivia game and a storytelling session about famous baseball players from the past. These activities were not only fun but also taught the students a bit about baseball history. Thanks to the staff's hard work, Spirit Day was a big hit, helping to build a stronger sense of school pride and bringing everyone in the school closer together.