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Drew supports Cancer Survivors!


Nurses posing by the decorated door  Students posing in front of ballon arch Students and parents posing in front of their door

Drew staff and students recently united in a powerful display of support and awareness for cancer by organizing a school wide initiative. Each class chose a specific color that symbolized a distinct form of cancer, transforming the environment into a vibrant tapestry of awareness. The dedication extended beyond mere aesthetics, as the doors of each class were adorned with unique decorations reflecting the chosen cancer type, creating a visual representation of unity in the face of this widespread challenge.

In addition to the visually striking displays, information tables were strategically placed outside each door, providing valuable insights into the chosen types of cancer. These tables serve as educational hubs, fostering understanding and empathy among the campus community. By intertwining creativity with a meaningful cause, Drew's staff and students not only showcased its commitment to cancer awareness but also encouraged a collective effort to promote understanding, support, and ultimately contribute to the ongoing fight against cancer.