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Drew students put heart and soul into essential oils!


                      Students bottling oils   Students bottling oilsStudents bottling oils

Drew’s essential oils business is an in-house work-skills program in which students work under the direction of Don Jenkins, owner of Silk, by Morrow, a locally owned business that sells and distributes essential oils to beauty supply stores throughout Detroit, such as Hollywood Beauty Supplies and Kelly Beauty. Students are responsible for assembling materials, bottling the oils, and packaging for delivery.

Students in this program learn valuable vocational skills that can be transferred to any future employment opportunity. Such skills include:

· Teamwork

· Communication Skills

· Completing an assigned task within specified time limits

· Developing work stamina

· Evaluating quality of work

· Accepting constructive criticism

· Following directives from supervisors

· Flexibility

· Working at a rate appropriate to the task

· Taking initiative

· Laundry and folding

· Organizing

Additionally, students will learn business skills by selling the essential oils out of the retail shops at Drew. These skills lead to transitioning our students into the workforce. The amount of growth exhibited by the students, their determination to do well, and their excitement for the job all show how meaningful it is for students with disabilities to be directly involved in their community.