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Preparing for Kindergarten

The Journey to Kindergarten

At the beginning of the year, our Pre-Kindergartners walked timidly into the school, many holding their parents' hands with eyes filled with wonder and even a few tears. The halls of Carleton were big, long, and filled with unfamiliar faces. Fast forward to the end of the year, those same little ones walk confidently to their lockers, hang up their items, high five or hug teachers in the hall, and walk confidently into their classes. Their growth is amazing!

However, growth is continuous, which is why our PK teachers incorporate activities to help them be better prepared for the Kindergarten world. One important step is eating where the "big kids" eat, and learning how the cafeteria works!  Second, is feeling the excitement of riding the bus on a field trip. They nailed both of them, which is proof they are more than ready for next year!

PK eating lunch in the cafeteria

Field Trip to a Bowling Alley

Bowling Field Trip