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Elective Enrichments

Our elective teachers are essential to our collective efforts to foster well-rounded students. During the 2021-2022 school year, our K-5th graders have Computers with Mrs. Singleton, Dance with Mr. Sanchez, and Physical Education with Mr. Redlawsk.  Below is a glimpse into what students experience in their special prep classes.  



Mrs. Singleton is our technology guru who helps students become proficient users of computer resources and programs while also promoting responsible digital citizenship. She delivers lessons that may incorporate typing skills, Microsoft tools, digital art projects, presentations, and cybercitizenship etiquette. Mrs. Singleton is truly invested in helping students, starting with Kindergartners up to 5th grade, to become efficient and confident technology users. She even leads an after-school coding club and coordinates STEAM-focused field trips.

students creating digital self portraits


The addition of Mr. Sanchez, as our dance elective teacher, has been impactful on our students. As a talented dancer himself, he shares his gifts daily with students by teaching the essential fundamentals of dance techniques and precision. His classes help students develop an appreciation and, for some, a passion for the arts. Mr. Sanchez also leads an after-school program for our aspiring ballet dancers.

Students doing ballet moves

Physical Education

Mr. Redlawsk, our physical education teacher, does a great job teaching students athletic skills that also promote team building and good sportsmanship. He makes sure to start off every lesson with health lessons that focus on eating habits, food choices, exercise benefits, and water intake. He pairs these lessons with constructive physical activities to promote a healthy body in all areas. 

students in gym class