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Partner Donates 400 Toys to K-2nd Students

Take a moment to imagine the scene. Hundreds of students are heading back to school on Monday, January 31, after an extended closure from the winter break. They are excited to finally see their friends, do their work at a desk, and eat lunch together.  This is especially exciting for our kindergarten through second graders whose early years of learning have already been drastically altered due to Covid. But they had no idea what else was to come that day...
The Motown Tattoo Shop, one of our partners, donated approximately 400 toys for us to give to every K-2nd grader who attended school on the first day back after the break. The smiles on their faces were a joy to see as they received Barbies, Marvel figures, and other games. Our 2nd grade teachers capitalized on this moment by helping students connect this event to our character trait - Generosity. It became their writing assignment of the day - one they definitely didn't mind writing about. This was also the perfect way to reinforce our 3 A's as we headed into the second semester: Attendance, Attitude, and Academics.
Attendance - coming to school every day ready to learn
Attitude - being proactive and weathering their storm
Academics- being a scholar
We understand this year has still had a few challenges, but we are grateful to our Counselor Ms. Foutner, who helped establish this partnership, as well as our families, as we continue to reinforce our commitment to excellence. 
Students with their gifts    Students holding their gifts    Student holding his toy
Students with their gifts    Students with their toys    Students with their toys