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The Power of Building Character

Building Character

Our counselor, Ms. Foutner, made sure our students went into the holidays with some character-building tips and lots of extra smiles on their faces. During the last week of December, students attended an educational and interactive assembly that focused on positive character traits. They participated in various activities to deepen their understandings of Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Citizenship, Respect and Tolerance. It was nice to finally have a safe in-person collaborative experience, and we also provided a virtual assembly for students who were joining us from home.

A Lesson in Generosity

But the excitement and learning did not stop there - our students received a bonus understanding of generosity. Thanks to a team effort between Ms. Foutner and Ms. Henderson, Carleton received a grant that allowed us to participate in the Cook Davis Event sponsored by the New Metropolitan Club. Several students were gifted with 18 book bags filled with supplies, toys, bikes and a $50 gift card just in time for the holidays. We are happy our students were able to see the power of generosity first hand. 

 Students holding their book bags    kid with a new bike