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Solar Eclipse

On Monday, the students at Burns Elementary Middle School were in complete awe as they witnessed the rare phenomenon of a solar eclipse. As the moon slowly passed in front of the sun, casting a shadow over the school grounds, excitement filled the air. Teachers and staff had prepared for this event, providing students with special eclipse glasses to safely view the spectacle. With eyes glued to the sky, the students marveled at the sight, their curiosity sparked as they witnessed firsthand the magic of the universe. It was a moment of wonder and learning, igniting a newfound appreciation for science and the mysteries of space among the young minds at Burns Elementary Middle School.

Students looking up at the skyThe Solar EclipeStudents standing with glasses on and looking up at the sky

Staff, parents and students look up at the skyStudents pointing up at the sky and female students watching a lizardStudents sitting on ground  watching the solar eclipse in the sky