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Guest Readers Visit Burns

The bustling halls of Burns Elementary Middle School buzzed with anticipation as the announcement echoed through the corridors: guest readers were on their way. Excited whispers and shuffling feet filled the air as students eagerly gathered in the library, their faces alive with curiosity and wonder. As the guests arrived, a diverse group representing various professions and backgrounds, the room brimmed with excitement. With boundless enthusiasm, the guest readers shared tales that transported the young minds on enchanting journeys through realms of imagination and knowledge. Wide-eyed students listened intently, their imaginations ignited by the vivid narratives that unfolded before them. In those moments, the barriers of circumstance and environment dissolved, replaced by the universal language of storytelling and the shared joy of learning. As the stories concluded, leaving hearts and minds enriched, the students embraced the invaluable experience, their horizons broadened by the transformative power of literature and the inspiring presence of their guests.

1ST Graders listens to a guest reader4th Graders listen to a virtual guest readerGuest readers pose for picture before heading to read to students