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Enthusiasm for chess is infectious at Brewer Academy!

Enthusiasm for chess is infectious here at Brewer Academy!

New at Brewer Academy for the 2019-2020 school year is our very own Chess Club. Chess Club is open for seasoned players to have casual fun and for beginning players to receive free instruction. Chess teaches everything from logic to problem solving, and has been known to raise IQ, and math and reading scores. Students attending practice regularly also have the option to elect to become a member of the Detroit Metro Scholastic Chess League (DMSCL) where they will be invited to put their skills to the test to compete in Tournament Chess matches with other DPSCD students from across the district. There hasn’t been a time that it is easier to get into chess thanks to the generous support from our Superintendent Dr. Vitti. 

Brewer Academy thanks you, Dr. Vitti!

Anyone interested in receiving more information regarding the Brewer Chess Club may e-mail Mary Araujo-Pedroza at or or call at 313-866-2070.


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