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Culinary Arts @ ImaginATE

BCTC Culinary Arts students participated in a Fine Dining experience at ImaginATE and a conversation with Chef Omar Mitchell.

Students talked about post-secondary education, careers in the Culinary Arts industry, and possible study-abroad opportunities.


Student Testimony:

-The field trip was nice. I liked the chicken from Omar’s restaurant, Imagineate in Royal Oak. The vibe of the restaurant was nice. The waiters were kind. It was nice to go for dessert after the dinner.


-I had a lot of fun just being in such an expensive looking and pretty building. I really liked the food as well; I got full after the second serving. I don't really like sweets that much, but the pastry shop that we went to made me want to by all of them. The shop was cute and cozy. 



Chef Omar Mitchell

Chef Omar Mitchell, Restaurateur

Visit ImaginATE Restaurant