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Thirkell Elementary Middle School Hosts Successful Math Bee, Crowns District Representatives

Thirkell Elementary Middle School recently buzzed with excitement as students showcased their mathematical prowess in the highly anticipated Math Bee competition. The event not only highlighted the talents of Thirkell’s brightest mathematicians but also determined the school’s representatives for the district-level competition.

After rounds of intense competition, the winners emerged, earning the prestigious title of Thirkell’s Math Bee district representatives. In the 1st-grade category, Justin Carson secured the top spot, followed closely by Velsean Felder in second place. Their impressive problem-solving skills and quick thinking set them apart from their peers.

In the 5th-grade category, James Binns demonstrated exceptional mathematical ability, claiming the first-place position. Amir Puryear showcased remarkable talent, securing the second-place spot and rounding out Thirkell’s formidable team of district representatives.

The Math Bee wasn’t just about competition; it was a celebration of mathematical excellence and a testament to the dedication of both students and teachers. Participants showcased a wide range of mathematical skills, from mental arithmetic to complex problem-solving strategies, leaving the audience in awe of their abilities.

Thirkell Elementary Middle School takes great pride in its commitment to fostering a love of mathematics among its students, and events like the Math Bee provides an opportunity for students to shine and showcase their talents on a larger stage.

As Thirkell’s district representatives, Justin Carson, Velsean Felder, James Binns, and Amir Puryear will go on to represent their school at the district-level Math Bee competition. Their hard work and dedication have earned them this prestigious opportunity, and the entire Thirkell community wishes them the best of luck as they continue to excel in the world of mathematics.

The Math Bee at Thirkell Elementary Middle School serves as a reminder of the importance of mathematics education and the incredible potential of our students. It was a day filled with excitement, inspiration, and celebration, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.