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Thirkell Elementary Middle School Embraces Spring with Spirit Week Extravaganza


Thirkell Elementary Middle School recently buzzed with an abundance of energy and creativity as students and staff alike came together to celebrate Spring Forward Spirit Week. From Monday through Friday, the school was transformed into a hub of excitement and camaraderie, with each day bringing its own unique theme and flair.

Monday, dubbed "We are Seeds," saw a burst of color and vitality as students arrived dressed in vibrant hues and floral patterns, symbolizing growth and renewal. The hallways bloomed with positivity as students embraced the spirit of new beginnings.

Tuesday, affectionately known as "Fanny Pack Day," transported the school back in time as students showcased their most stylish and quirky fanny packs. From neon colors to retro designs, each accessory added a touch of nostalgia and fun to the day's festivities.

Wednesday celebrated the school's deep roots with "313 Detroit Day." Students proudly represented their city by donning Detroit-themed attire, from sports jerseys to iconic landmarks, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the school community.

Thursday was dedicated to honoring the legends of Thirkell with "Thirkell Legends Day." Students proudly wore their Thirkell Legends shirts, paying tribute to the individuals who have left a lasting impact on the school's history and legacy.

Finally, Friday brought a sense of relaxation and comfort with "National Nap Day." Students and staff embraced the cozy vibes by wearing their favorite jogging suits and crocs, turning the school into a sanctuary of relaxation and laid-back vibes.

Throughout the week, Thirkell Elementary Middle School buzzed with excitement and positivity as students and staff came together to celebrate the spirit of unity and community. From colorful attire to heartfelt tributes, Spring Forward Spirit Week was a reminder of the joy and camaraderie that make Thirkell a special place to learn and grow.