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Winter Learning Fun for the Whole Family!

DPSCD students and families may be on winter break, but there is always plenty of learning to be done! Keep your students informed and on track over winter break with these supportive resources and fun family activities! Read together with your free access to myON's thousands of online book selctions. Looking for a fun acitvity outside the home? Attend the Detroit Institute of Arts and receive free entry with show of I.D.

For more ways to engage in continued learning over winter break, see below!

Stay sharp and get ahead with Winter Learning Enrichment! · ELA Winter Enrichment Packets, Grades K-8 · Math Winter Enrichment Packets, Grades K-8 + Algebra


Online Learning Resources & Tools ·

Fun Learning Trips · DPSCD Children's Museum · Michigan Science Center · Detroit Institute of Arts · Music Hall · Detroit Symphony Orchestra · Detroit Public Libraries · Charles Wright Museum