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Proud and Passionate DPS/DPSCD Alumna Leads with Distinction

LaTrice McClendon, a native Detroiter, has always cared for her community. After initially being employed as a District Manager for the City of Detroit under Mayor Mike Duggan, she now serves as community president of Detroit for Huntington National Bank.

In this role, LaTrice is committed to serving the residents and small businesses throughout the city and credits her passion to her time as a Detroit Public School student. A wife and mom of three, her children are also students of DPSCD at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy.

Find out what LaTrice has to say about her time at DPS below:

Are there any specific memories of your time at DPSCD that stick out to you? Any DPSCD teachers or staff members who made an impact?
“I had an English teacher, Deborah Thompson, and I also had her for creative writing. I was part of a club called Club 2000 and she was the sponsor. She took me to Detroit Economic Club meetings as a kid and was a good role model who held me accountable to getting my work done. She let us come to her office to vent, talk, relax. She always looked out for me and checked my grades. She helped me with any issue I was dealing with. She was instrumental in my success at Cass Tech.”

What does it mean to you to be a DPS/DPSCD Alumna?
“I am very proud to be a DPS Alumna. One, because I have pride in the school I went to. It means a lot because I was a person who was raised in Detroit, and as someone who went to the schools, it brought me back to work in the city. It was a great springboard to life.”

What advice would you give DPSCD students?
“My advice to a DPSCD student would be that you are in an environment where you are destined to be great if you hone into all that is offered to you in the school system. Focus on and participate in as many activities as you can. I think Detroit receives a stigma, but I also think that Detroiters are resilient. I really believe that we take our resilience to the world and really define yourself. No matter what people think about the city or the schools, you can be anything you want to be. You should be proud of where you come from.”