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DPS Foundation CEO/alumna Proudly Gives Back

As we prepare for the Inaugural Come Home Alumni Weekend May 19-May 22, 2022, follow us as we share a series of alumni profiles showcasing the rich legacy of DPS/DPSCD. We look forward to welcoming all our alumni home to the weekend full of events as we continue to support the Rise of DPSCD's students today and into the future

Throughout her career, Pamela Moore has frequently looked back at her time at DPS. A proud Cass Technical High School graduate, Pamela currently serves as the President and CEO of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation (DPSF). In this role, she and her team work to provide the resources DPSCD students may need.

Prior to joining DPSF, Pamela was instrumental in the creation of Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC), where she was charged with transitioning the underperforming $100M city workforce department into a high-performing, nationally recognized nonprofit agency. Job training and placement numbers for both adults and youth tripled under her watch, making Detroit a model hailed by the Obama Administration.

Find out more about what Pamela has to say about her time at DPS and what she is looking forward to for DPSCD’s Come Home Alumni weekend festivities:

Are there any specific memories of your time at DPSCD that stick out to you? Any DPSCD teachers or staff members who made an impact?
"The principals were always special at every school. They knew you, they knew your name, they threatened to call your parents if you misbehaved, etc. Cass Tech was all about learning and there were several groups you could be part of. Cass had an offering for careers and gave my friends co-op opportunities. That kind of preparation stands out in the academics and the creative space. The preparation for your pathway out of high school was robust. If you had any kind of interest in anything, it was available for you to explore. That also prepared you and made you a little more conscious of what was in the world waiting for you. The possibilities, because of the resources, showed that you could do anything."  

What does it mean to you to be a DPS Alumna?
"We see the issues and we want to address the issues. It is about giving back and helping in whatever way I can to provide to our students. What I received was so valuable. I often ask myself what I can do to give students today the same experiences and the same opportunities I had. That is so important to me because I see myself in these students."

What are you looking forward to for the Come Home alumni weekend festivities?
"This event will help us share these stories on behalf of these children and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the trajectory. It will be a fun weekend, but I am looking forward to telling the story of DPSCD. The challenges and the success stories, so people feel connected to DPSCD. Letting them hear the stories and hear about the District they hold so near and dear so they can stay in touch with us."  

What advice would you give DPSCD students?
"I would give them advice to enjoy your K-12 experience. Take advantage of all the opportunities around you. I always tell people to find out what they are interested in and then find out what they are good at. I advise our young people to enjoy and explore whatever they have an interest in. Whatever they are good at, explore that too, so they have a sense of their authentic self once they graduate. I think that is what the K-12 experience is: finding yourself."

We'd love to have you be part of the Come Home Alumni Gala weekend May 19-22! For general event registration information as well as to purchase tickets to the Alumni Hall of Fame Gala on Sunday, May 22, please visit