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Apples, Pumpkins, and Train Rides

The students and staff took a trip out to Blake's Apple Orchard to explore and learn.  Students in grades K-8 along with their teachers walked the grounds of the Orchard to see the beautiful scenery and to learn about apple growing in Michigan.  They were able to pick apples from the lower branches of apple trees. Then, the students took a ride on the train to get to another part of the orchard where they visited the pumpkin patch.  There they got to walk through the field and observe different sized pumpkins and pick a pumpkin of their choice (as long as they could carry it).  To culminate the orchard experience, the students were treated with a taste of apple cider and a fresh plain donut from the bakery.  The students enjoyed this hands-on outdoor field trip with their teachers.  

Blake's Apple Orchard