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Students from all first grade classes were surprised to meet their tutor from Tutormate.  Students and tutors have worked together online all year thanks to the Tutormate program and on Tuesday they were finally able to meet face to face.  The students were excited to come face to face with the volunteer that has helped them learn to read.  The volunteers from Lear, Comerica Bank and Quicken Loans were introduced to their tutee and greeted one another with hugs and smiles.  The first grade teachers were appreciative of the additional support from the volunteers for working with the students in their classrooms. 

First grade student hugs tutor from Tutormate  First grade student talking to tutor from Tutormate  Tutormate volunteer works with first grade students  Tutormate volunteer sits at table with first grade student  Volunteer sits at desk with first grade student  Volunteers from Quicken Loans work with first grade students  Volunteer from Lear talks with first grade students.  Students in first grade work side by side with Lear volunteer from Tutormate  Volunteer from Tutormate work with first grade student on word search  First grade teacher and Tutormate volunteer meet for the first time  Volunteer from Tutormate sits with 3 first grade students  Tutormate volunteer stands while talking to first grade students  First grade teacher and Tutormate volunteers from Lear work with first grade students  First grade students work with their Tutormate volunteer  Comerica Bank volunteer stands by first grade student  Tutormate volunteer works one on one with first grade student