• Athletics

    Detroit Public Schools Community District Athletic Department believes that athletics is a part of the whole education process.  The expectations in the classroom will be exemplified on the field of play.  In addition to supporting academic goals, our coaching staff will work hard to build character and model good citizenship. We believe that our student-athletes have the unique ability show our values to opposing schools, our fans, and anyone attending each event. No matter the result, we will work hard and compete at a high level. Our teachers, coaches, and student-athletes are ready to make a school and community proud. There are certain ingredients that lead to success.  other aspects of their lives. 


    Our Vision is that every K-8 student participate in healthy athletic environments that supports academic progress, promotes their physical wellbeing, psychological and social growth. 


    • Every K-8 DPSCD student shall have access to multiple sports activities each year 
    • To differentiate DPSCD by providing cost effective, highly competitive and socially enriching sport programs that attracts new students, their families and spectators 
    • Maintain family friendly safe and secure sports environments 
    • Establish socially responsible partnerships that enhance the quality of our program offering 


    Specialized Programs

    Depending on whether you're looking for a program that stimulates your child physically, intellectually or creatively in nature there are programs that can build skills in developmental areas. Research has shown that many programs can:

    • Offer students the opportunity to develop closer friends than they might make in school, due to shared interests
    • Build teamwork and problem solving skills
    • Help students develop emotional regulation that carries over to their classroom
    • Encourages superior academic performance

    Fisher Lower offers the following: coding, drama, gardening, girl scouts, robotics, safety patrol and tutoring.