Audition Process and Requirements

  • All students:

    • At the beginning of your video, please state the following:
    • Your name 
    • Your grade that you will enter in the Fall of 2023 
    • Your age 
    • The name of the school that you are coming from
    • Previous experiences in the art that you are auditioning for
    • Why you would like to attend Detroit School of Arts

    If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Burrell at

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  • Dance 2

    Dance Teachers:

    Imani Maat (

    Shannon Palmer (

    Students must dress appropriately for the dance audition as follows: 

    • Ladies: Black Leotard, Skin-Tone Tights (footless) ▪ Hair off face, in a bun 
    • Gentlemen: Black Jazz Pants, White Tee-Shirt 

    Students must demonstrate the following:

    • Roll Down in 1st position (turned out) 
    • Demi-Plie & Grand Plie in 1st position, 2nd position, and 5th position (turned out) 
    • 4Tendu (Front, side, back, side), Both Legs (turned out) 
    • Degage (Front, side, back, side), Both Legs (turned out)
    • Battement (Front, side, back, side), Both Legs (turned out) 

    Record and submit a one (1) minute solo dance selection. 

    No costumes

Instrumental Music

  • Instrumental2

    Instrumental Teachers:

    Victoria Fernholz (

    Maritza Garibay (

    Submit a video of yourself performing a solo or ensemble excerpt of at least one minute in length. 

    Please submit a photocopy of the sheet music 

    Do not play music "from memory." We want to see how well you perform music that has been assigned to you by a teacher. 

    Please submit a video from your most recent concert.

    Please include information about the titles of the pieces and the composers. 

    If you do not have the ability to provide any of the prior options, please provide contact information to your school music teacher (email preferred). We will reach out to them to ask them questions regarding your skill level and overall rehearsal etiquette to assess your audition.

Vocal Music

  • Vocal2

    Vocal Teachers:

    Julian Goods (

    Ashley Hoke-Paul (

    Submit a video of yourself singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” or “The Star-Spangled Banner” (one verse- acapella) 

    Submit a video of yourself singing “Happy Birthday To You” (Traditional) 

    Auditions for the Detroit School of Arts Vocal Department will include singing "The National Anthem" or "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing", and a song of the student's choice (operatic, contemporary, classical or spiritual).

    Students must also complete an instructional and theory evaluation.

Multimedia Production

  • Radiotv2

    Multimedia Production Teachers:

    Clinton Chico (

    Shari Fiore-Bloom (

    Beverly Morrison-Green (

    Submit examples of technical or media projects that you have filmed, built, designed, recorded, produced, and/or repaired.

    This may include, among other things:

    • a short film/video made on a smartphone
    • a recording of an original piece of music
    • a piece of mechanical equipment that has been adapted or repaired
    • or a recording of an original radio show/podcast.

    No formal training is required. 

    All content must be school-appropriate, which means free from profanity and other inappropriate content.

Visual Arts

  • Art

    Visual Arts & Design Teachers:

    Kim Hildebrandt-Hall (

    Mikwonjilian Antwih (

    Submit a PowerPoint Presentation with photographs of 8-10 original pieces of work 

    Answer on Video the following Additional Questions:

    • Describe your artwork.
    • What inspired you to create this?
    • What is your work a reflection of? 
    • Talk us through your creative process. 
    • Describe the elements of Art present in your work
    • Describe the principles of design in your work

    Submit an essay discussing why art is your discipline of choice & what you hope to achieve at DSA. (1-page, Typed, Times New Roman, 12pt font) 


  • Theatre

    Theatre Teacher:

    Jennifer Leija (

    Corey Josephson (

    Andrew Huff (

    Submit a recording of yourself performing a memorized two-minute monologue on a topic of your choice.  

    Your performance may be comedy, drama, classic, or contemporary.  

    It can (but it is NOT required to) include music if you would like to showcase your singing and dancing skills.  

    Students who focus on technical theatre (costumes, light, sound, set construction, stage management) may submit pages from a prompt book, technical portfolio, or other evidence of their technical theatre skills.

    The goal of the audition is to showcase the skills of the applicant.

Literary Arts (9th Grade only)