• We have a Parent Resource Center in the school that is available to parents five days a week. Parents have access to computers and printing. There are resource brochures available in the Parent Resources Center with programs and services that are available to parents. The resource center is able to provide information to any family with a child that has a disability. The information can be the foundation of "wrap around services". The contact person for the Parent Resource Center is Kim Merriman, contact number 313-651-3474.  


    • Other Resources available to Parents are the Agencies, which are housed inside of Drew Transition Center. The agencies included NSO, Psygencis, and Team Wellness. The contact information for the Agencies in the building is 313-873-6880 and ask the secretary to be connected. These agencies assist parents with
      • establishing guardianship and power of Attorney
      • providing information to help assist with past due bills and hardship
      • address family needs
      • assisting with transportation
      • As well as a host of other services.  


    •  Additionally, we have the PTSA, who provide support to parents by keeping them informed about initiatives at Drew. The PTSA works with the Drew staff and supports parents by being involved in decision making that drives Drew. They also help to inform and assist parents with knowing their rights, understanding procedures, and help with knowing what resources that are accessible to them. The contact person for the PTSA is President Zelda Brown, contact email is