Dress Code Policy

  • Uniforms are to be worn every day!

    • Khaki or burgundy pants
    • Khaki or burgundy dresses, or skirts (knee length)
    • Khaki shorts (knee length) or capris (knee length)
    • White or burgundy shirts, long or short sleeves 
    • Sweaters must be solid burgundy or white
    • Turtlenecks and polo styles are permitted
    • Closed-toe shoes only
    • Student ID Cards must be worn at all times
    Students are required to follow the RHS dress code (Khaki color or burgundy pants, shorts or skirts with a white or burgundy shirt, a white or burgundy Renaissance shirt or hooded sweatshirt) daily. Students out of dress code will not be allowed to attend class. Students should wear student IDs daily.
    SPIRIT DAY FRIDAYS! BLUE jeans (minor distress) with a Renaissance top.


    • Flip flops, house slippers, steel-toe-shoes or boots, or any other type of footwear that could constitute a safety hazard are prohibited at all times
    • Hair rollers, hair curlers, plastic hair bags, hairnets, hair bonnets, sweat bands and skullcaps are prohibited at all times
    • Leggings, obscene paraphernalia are prohibited at all times
    • Ripped, torn, shredded, distressed or otherwise modified clothing and see-through are prohibited at all times
    • Clothing that is either revealing or provocative showing abdomen region or cleavage, T-shirts or halter-tops, biker pants, or pants allowed to sag below the waistline or are excessively tight are prohibited at all times
    • Bedtime attire such as pajamas, undershirts, or undergarments as outerwear are prohibited at all times
    • Students' clothing or tattoos may not display statements or pictures that are related to the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or sex, or that promote hate and/or violence or signify gang affiliations are prohibited at all times
    • Attire that may be considered weapons, including but not limited to chain belts or wallet chains are prohibited at all times
    • Jewelry or similar artifacts that are obscene or may cause disruptions to the educational environment are prohibited at all times
    • Hats, caps, bandanas, or do-rags, except headwear worn for legitimate religious and cultural purposes are prohibited at all times