For students arriving before 7:45 am, they will report to the cafeteria. Students are to enter only through the front doors; it is recommended that students arrive no later than 7:45am. A security check is required to enter the building and due to our volume, the lines at the front door can be long and may cause preventable tardiness.

    As you drop off your student(s), please be mindful of traffic and the school buses. Again with our large volume, traffic can slow down the dropping off process, so we appreciate your courtesy and patience as we ensure all our students arrive safely to school.




    When the final bell rings at 3:20 PM, students should go to their lockers, as needed, and exit the building using the front doors only. Please do not park in front of the school to as that is reserved for the school buses pull up.

    Note: When students are dropped off, it should be assumed they are going to be in school all day. Only an authorized parent/guardians/family members listed on a student's profile may pick a student up with appropriate identification. In the case a student needs to be picked up early, we kindly request that you enter the building through the front doors, check in with security and go to the main office. The office staff can look up your student's schedule to locate them as you sign them out from the designated Attendance binder provided.

    We will not allow early dismissal after 2:40pm (40 minutes prior to the final bell).