Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival Procedure

    Student safety is very important to us. Since there are no staff members to supervise children prior to 8:45 AM, students should NOT be dropped off at school prior to this time.

    The Student Role: Children will walk safely to the building and enter through their designated door (PreK-K Door #25, grades 1st-2nd door #24, and grades 3rd-8th main door).

    Children will proceed to their village and enter their cafeteria for breakfast.

    The Parent Role: Parents will drop their child(ren) off at their assigned door.

    Dismissal Procedure

    The Student Role: Students will be dismissed from their classrooms in the following order:

    • Green village students will sit on the green line and wait for their pickup to receive them at the door.
    • Grades 1-2 will dismiss at door #24.
    • PreK-Kindergarten will dismiss at door #25.
    • Red village students, grades 3rd-5th, will dismiss from door #2.
    • Black village students, grades 6th-8th, will dismiss from main door #1.