• Parents ..if you are interested in volunteering at our school for field trips and events, please follow the link below the description and it will take you to the application online for processing. The volunteer descriptions are also listed here:                 

    Level 1 Volunteer: A Level 1 volunteer is one who has contact with students, within the presence of a District employee or is assigned duties that may not directly involve students. This level volunteer requires an Internet Criminal History Tool (ICHAT) and the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry check.

    Level 2 Volunteer: A Level 2 volunteer is one who has direct contact with students outside of the presence of a District employee or who is assigned duties such as: tutoring, overnight and out-of-state trip chaperone, coaching, or a long-term mentoring assignment. This level volunteer requires a Criminal Convictions/Background check and Fingerprinting. 

    Please click on the link to enter an application.