Financial Aid Information


    The FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and students must complete the application every year before the deadline to receive money to attend college.  Here are the necessary steps to complete the application online.

    • Parents and students create a federal student ID
    • Gather your information: 
      1. Your Social Security Number (or Alien Registration # if you are not a U.S. citizen) 
      2. Your federal income tax returns, W-2's, and other records of money earned (NOTE: You may be able to transfer your federal tax information into your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool)
      3. Bank statements and records of investments (if applicable) 
      4. An FSA ID to sign electronically. (you just create this in step 1)
    • Begin your FAFSA (once it's complete, you will get an email in about 2 days confirming it is processed)
    • Here is a video to help with the FAFSA application: FAFSA Application assistance
    • Support on Wednesday with the FAFSA documents

    Detroit Promise 

    The Detroit Promise offers a tuition-free path to trade, two-year and four-year credentials at 26 Michigan colleges. Many seniors who both live in Detroit and attend any high school in Detroit are already eligible.

    For more information, use this link: Detroit Promise

    Michigan Achievement Scholarship 

    Students who graduate from high school in the state of Michigan in 2023 and later will be eligible  for this scholarship by completing the FAFSA application. Here's the information:

    • Up to $2,000 if they attend a career training program in Michigan per year, up to two years
    • Up to $2,750 if they attend a Michigan community college, per year, up to three years
    • Up to $4,000 if they attend a Michigan private college or university, per year, up to five years
    • Up to $5.500 if they attend a Michigan public university, per year, up to five years

    Tuition Advantage Program- Wayne State University

    The Tuition Advantage Program will provide free tuition for eligible students who either live in Detroit or graduate from a high school within the city. The initiative will potentially benefit the more than 49,000 students currently enrolled in Detroit high schools, plus thousands of city residents who are currently attending high school outside of Detroit. For information go to Wayne State


    Fast Web Scholarship Opportunities

    Scholarship Opportunties

    Midnight Golf Scholarship program:Scholarships

    Ms. Watkins, College Transition Advisor, will assist students with their FAFSA, the Detroit Promise opportunity, scholarships for 2 year and 4 year colleges and more. Please contact Ms. Watkins via email or she can be contacted on MS Teams.