• Greetings,

    To support the District’s Strategic Plan, “Blueprint 2020”, the Early Childhood Program focuses acutely on making decisions which will keep our students first, to be bold and honest while displaying tenacity and great customer service.

    As author Maya Angelou asserts in one of her most popular poems - "And Still I Rise" - the DPSCD Early Childhood Program embraces the concept of self-confidence and boldness relative to the educational, social and emotional challenges our youth will face as they undergo the maturation process.  The Early Childhood Program is the cornerstone to building a strong foundation that will provide our youth with the educational sustenance to excel in life.

    When we think about the little boy or girl who arrives at school for the very first time, often with emotions ranging from a high level of enthusiasm to desperate fears of leaving the familiar confines of the home environment, it is essential that they are exposed to an educational setting that will calm their fears as well as fulfill their enthusiastic expectations.   For some, the adjustment period may take a few weeks, for others, just a few hours. 

    Over the course of the initial year of providing the nutrients to building a strong educational foundation, it is our goal that each youth reaches his/her highest potential.  Some of the significant elements of the foundation that the Early Childhood Program provides for all youth include:  a structured academic program, intellectual/physical developmental exercises, cognitive learning skills, and effective conflict resolution.  These skills are needed to survive, strive, and thrive.  The foundation we provide is one that we believe is educationally imperative and will help propel our youth to ultimately become contributing and prominent members of our society.  

    Early Childhood rise up, Early Childhood rise up, Early Childhood rise up!   The distinction that sets us apart from other programs is the noteworthy foundation we provide to all of our youth. 


    Early Childhood Dept.