• Helpful Wellness Tips


    Ways to Clear Your Mind

    Organize a room in your house.

    Start by making up your bed, or cleaning out a small drawer.  Set a goal to work your way through each room. Clearing living spaces naturally soothes anxiety and relaxes the mind.

    Frustrated? Confused? Grateful? 

    Try writing down your thoughts. Releasing your thoughts through writing helps to process the emotions you are experiencing.

    Create a "To Do" list for the week.

    How will you feel once the tasks have finally been completed? Write the words that come to your mind next to each tasks. Writing your "to do" list on large sheets of paper and placing them on the wall have been proven to be more effective.

    Talk with a friend or loved one you trust.


    Building Bonds

    • Consider cooking meals together as a family, at least once a week. 
    • Take turns choosing a good movie to watch
    • Game Night Anyone? Bring out the board games! 
    • Bored in your room? Play “Questions” to get to know your loved ones more deeply.
    • What would your “perfect day” look like? 
    • Is there anything that you would like to learn how to do? 
    • Who is your favorite music artist/ What’s your favorite song that he/she made?  
    • Click this link for additional questions: 
    • https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/abcs-child-psychiatry/201804/100-questions-ask-your-teen-other-how-was-school




    Meditation is a simple and effective way to steady the mind, give clarity to your thoughts and help you to manage stress. Check out these quick breathing meditations to slow down your thoughts, increase your productivity, and to improve positive decision making. 


    Relaxation Breathing Meditation - 1 Minute
    Use this meditation when feeling anxious, pressured or panicked for immediate stress relief.

    The practice: If you feel comfortable, allow your eyes to close. Take a deep breath in for a count of four, and then exhale for a count of eight. As you inhale, visualize the movement of positive energy flowing through your body. As you exhale, allow stress to completely leave your mind. Repeat five times. Practice this one-minute breathing exercise each day


    Mindful Breathing Meditation - 5 Minutes  
    Use this meditation daily to develop better focus, attention, and a greater overall sense of clarity and calm, over time.          

    The practice: If you feel comfortable, allow your eyes to close. Take 3 long deep breaths. As you continue to breathe in and out for 5 minutes, pay attention to what you hear, see, smell, taste and feel. Practice this quick meditation when you need to center your thoughts and to increase focus.


    We hope that these health and wellness techniques are helpful. Remember: More important than anything, be patient with yourself, and remember to Breathe Through It. We are sending love and light to you and your family!