Counselors Make a Difference

  • “Counselors Make a Difference” As outlined in the Comprehensive Guidance Program Plan, “Counselors address the developmental needs of all students. It is the vision that all students develop a positive outlook on the future and acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to become self-disciplined, self-sufficient, self-directed, compassionate, and contributing members of the community”. Speak to any counselor and he/she can relate numerous situations that have been successful due to counselor intervention. Carver's  counselor, Ms. Bettina Carey, services the needs of the Carver STEM Academy family. Program includes but not limited to:

    • Individual therapy and Group therapy
    • Anger Management
    • Self-Esteem
    • Children of Divorced Parents
    • Grief Therapy
    • Substance Abuse (student and/or parent)
    • Child Neglect and Abuse
    • Cultural Adjustment
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Poor Attendance
    • College Planning and Preparation
    • Assistance with preparation for high school admission
    • Resource Coordinating Team 

    students on gym floor working on a group project