Power School Parent Portal

  • Western provides resources not only for student success, but also ways to maintain open communication between staff, administration and the Western families.


    • The PowerSchool parent portal provides parents with direct access to student data via the Internet. Using a confidential ID number and password provided by their child's school, parents can create their own PowerSchool account using a web browser or the PowerSchool app and view their child’s data, such as progress reports, attendance records, report cards, transcripts and more. During account creation, parents can create their own unique username and password. The credentials listed on the form from the school will link the student to their parent's account.

      To log on to ParentPortal:

      1. Open the URL: http://detroitk12.powerschool.com/public

      2. Enter Username and Password, click “Log In”

      The first time you login to the PowerSchool app for your phone or tablet, you will be asked to enter the District's unique four digit code: PSNW

    Parents meet every week on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30am to discuss their concerns and suggestions to stay proactive in their child's education and future.

    For more information on these meetings, please call our main office at 313. 849.4758.

    Western is home to nearly 2,000 students, each with their own needs. The school provides services from:

    • Social Workers: provide emotional, behavioral, and academic support to students experiencing hardships, trauma, and other serious situations which are effecting their ability to be engaged in academics. Social workers have access to a variety of external resources as well.
    • Counselors: assist students with emotional, behavioral and academic issues which may come up during the school day. Counselors also partner with administration, students, and parents to ensure students are exposed educational opportunities which suit their interests and graduation requirements. Counselors collect academic, behavioral, and attendance data in order to position students for success in the future.
    • Academic Interventionists: considered "push-in" support. These staff are strategically placed in classrooms with students who have the most need. They are able to give intervention during a lesson to address gaps immediately. AIs are also able to occasionally remove students from class to administer more intense intervention. Each form of intervention and support is chiefly under the direction of the teacher of record.
    • Attendance Agents: Our Attendance Agents monitor student attendance at both a micro and macro level and the varying degrees of absenteeism. As teachers, deans, administrators, and SCFs work with students to improve in school truancy and other moderate forms of absence, attendance agents handle the more serious cases of chronic absenteeism.
    • Resource Teachers: offer support to students within their membership who are identified as ESE (exceptional student education). These staff are responsible for working with core teachers to provide accommodations identified in our students IEPs (individualized education plan). Our resource spend most of their time "pushing in" to Occasionally, resource teachers will remove students from the classroom setting to provide more intense intervention and support.
    • Speech Therapists: provide supplemental sessions in which students will build their speaking and comprehension skills. students' classrooms.

     The staff are available daily to provide the support our students need to acheive their academic goals. To learn more about our student services, visit our Student Services Tab.