About Us

  • Marcus Garvey Academy, which serves students in grades Pre-K to 8, offers a high-performing, African-Centered Learning Environment that places an emphasis on cultural awareness, global learning and community service. The strength of the program is a focus on culture and self-awareness. Garvey Academy believes in building students’ self-esteem, self-respect and pride to raise student achievement. Marcus Garvey Academy’s indicators of student success include continuous improvement, commitment to community empowerment and a love of lifelong learning. The school features $8.6 million in building upgrades and renovations of academic and community areas.

ACE (African-Centered Education)



      Silhouette outline of the African continent



    We are an African-Centered School.  Every staff member knows and incorporate as much as possible about African-American/ African culture, history, traditions, etc. within the classroom. We have dialogue and conversations about the principles, know and infuse the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa in daily instruction and participate and uphold any school-wide traditions.  ACE includes teaching students of their cultural heritage and aids them in building positive self-esteem, self-respect and pride, which in turn impacts student achievement. When students feel good about themselves, they tend to work harder and do better in school in general.

Our Mission

  • The mission of Marcus Garvey Academy is to provide a high performing environment emphasizing global learning and community service in a Pre K-8 African centered nurturing, learning environment. Also to prepare our students to become competent, productive citizens and life long learners in a technological global 21st century society.

    Our vision is to establish a customer service, parent friendly environment to  maintain an exemplary learning environment that foster collaboration with parents, families, businesses, and community organizations to successfully educate all of our students in a clean, safe, disciplined and orderly African Centered environment.

The Seven Principles

  • Nguzo Saba

    There are seven principles to which we try to abide by to make our school and the world more beautiful and beneficial than when we inherited it. They are relevant and universal. The Seven Principles are:

    1. Umoja (unity)
    2. Kujichagulia (self-determination)
    3. Ujima (collective work and responsibility)
    4. Ujamaa (cooperative economics)
    5. Nia (purpose)
    6. Kuumba (creativity)
    7. Imani (faith)

    Every student in every grade learns and practice these principles throughout the school year.

School Colors and Mascot

  • Red, Black, and Green

    Our school's colors are red, black, and green.

    The significance of the color red is because of the color of the blood in which our ancestors shed for freedom.

    The color black is the color of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong.

    The color green is for the vegetation of our Motherland.



    Our mascot, the hurricanes, comes from a quote from Marcus Garvey, "Look for me in the whirlwind or a storm, look for me all around you, for with God’s grace I shall come back with countless millions of black men and women who have died in America, those who have died in the West Indies and those who have died in Africa to aid you in fight for liberty, freedom and life." The whirlwind in a storm is represented by a hurricane.

Daily Affirmations

  • The Academy Creed

    I will have faith in myself.

    I will succeed and most of all,

    I’ll reach my goals.

    I promise to accept responsibility

    For my duties, and my own actions.

    I have self-respect and self-control.


    I will practice self-determination.

    As taught by the honorable Marcus Moziah Garvey.

    Expressed, I will define myself,

    I will speak for myself,

    I will name myself and I will create for myself…

    So that others cannot define me,

    Speak for me; name me or create for me.




    The Code of MAAT

    I pledge today to open my mind.

    I will seek and learn new knowledge.

    I will not harm fight or disrespect my fellow brothers and sisters.

    My body, mind, and the words I speak are clean.

    I will respect my parents, my teachers, and myself.

    I will use my knowledge to stay

    In school and make a new and better world.

    I am great! 

    My education will make me even greater.

    Watoto Wa Africa-MAAT, MAAT!

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Quick Facts

  • Pre K- 8th Grades Served
  • Yes Application Required
  • 9:00am- 4:10pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Uniforms
  • Yes Transportation
  • 310 Students Enrollment