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Green Dreams Blossom

students working in flower beds

The Marcus Garvey Environment Club stands as a beacon of green hope. Determined to make a difference, they launched their ambitious recycling and gardening program. With fervent enthusiasm, club members rolled up their sleeves, donned gardening gloves, and embraced the earth's nurturing embrace. Empty flower beds are transformed into verdant oases, ready for new life. 

Through their tireless efforts, the Marcus Garvey Environment Club not only cultivated gardens but also sowed seeds of awareness and responsibility. Their recycling initiative flourished, breathing new life into discarded materials and reducing the school's carbon footprint. Recycle bins are placed throughout the school and every Thursday evening the club collects the paper collected in the recycled bins. Each sheet of paper recycled, and every tomato harvested, the club's message echoed loud and clear: together, we can foster a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.