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Thank You!!!!

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It's a season of gratitude at Garvey! The Optimist Club of Michigan, which focuses on education, donated complete meals to 3 families at MGA. We are so grateful for Mr. Allen Williams and the Optimist Club!

We would also like to extend a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Ms. Barbara Littles and The Family Resource Distribution Center (FRDC) for their generous donation of deodorant, body wash, dental floss, body scrub, Covid-19 test, socks, kids' computer reading glasses, protein bars, waterless cleaning foam, hats, shampoo, conditioner, neck warmers, gloves and face masks. A “BIG SHOUT OUT” to General Manager Johnny Thomas at Bel Air Luxury Cinema for his donation of 16 Free Movie Passes to help improve the behaviors and attendance of the students at Marcus Garvey Academy. A “STANDING OVATION” to Mrs. Dropiewski and her church family for weekly donations of canned goods, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, coffee, rice, spaghetti and other nutritional foods. Lastly, a “GIANT HUG” to Success Coach Ms. Norfleet for assisting with school supplies.