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Marcus Garvey Academy Participates in HBCU Week


For more than a century, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have produced a significant portion of the nation’s doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, political and religious leaders.  President Joe Biden declared September 5 through September 11 as National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) week and encouraged educators, public officials, and all Americans to “observe this week with appropriate programs and ceremonies that acknowledge the countless achievements of HBCUs.”
That's exactly what we did at MGA. During Marcus Garvey Academy's HBCU Week, students participated in many HBCU activities. Some of the activities included hearing HBCU facts during morning announcements, a door decorating contest, represent your HBCU t-shirt day, and we culminated the week by showing the middle school students a documentary on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students were exposed to what HBCUs are, why they exist, and why they are important.
Students learned about Hampton's Emancipation Oak, Central State's Bell Tower, and Alabama A&M's Hill. Mrs. Hall-Kearney's eighth grade class won the Rep your HBCU t-shirt contest and Mrs. Dropiewski's/Ms. Burton's POHI class won the door decorating contest. Many students expressed their desire to attend an HBCU for their higher education.
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