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Academics and Electives

Our Academics and Electives

  • We draw upon the expertise of our educators and work together to create models of outstanding achievement in every classroom. Through implementing high-quality instructional materials and transforming the academic culture in our schools, we challenge and inspire our students to thrive in the world. With a wide variety of academic and enrichment opportunities aligned with state standards, we support students in unlocking their potential as they extend their skills and talents beyond the classroom. Our core curriculum includes: 
    • English Language Arts - We are committed to nurturing and developing a strong literacy foundation for all students in the early school years by implementing literacy instructional frameworks that prepare students to become independent readers and writers. 
    • Math - The mathematics curriculum seeks to ensure mathematical competence and confidence in students in mathematics-rich classroom environments. 
    • Science - Classroom experiences in science are connected to real-world phenomena and provide opportunities to engage in science and engineering practices through exposure to STEM-related career pathways. 
    • Social Studies - Students gain the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and core democratic values necessary for fulfilling their civic duties in a participatory democracy and effectively engaging in our global society. 


EL Education    GSRP    PK    Math    Science    Social Studies

  • DPSCD implements the EL Education curriculum to provide a standards-based literacy program that engages students through real world content, rigorous instruction and interactive learning opportunities.The goal of the program is that by the end of second grade, students are able to independently read and comprehend grade level text and continue to master complex literacy skills.  The program focuses on three student-centered literacy goals.

Mastery of Knowledge and Skills

    • Develop proficient readers and communicators


    • Become confident, ethical and effective literacy learners

High-Quality Student Work

    • Create high-level, meaningful, and authentic literacy works

In order to address the key focal areas, the curriculum incorporates two or three hours of literacy instruction per day based on grade level.  This is achieved through all block instructional times, interactive technology modules, and authentic, hands-on instructional and application lessons.  For more information, please visit the DPSCD EL Curriculum Page.

EL Education for K-2nd grade

    • 3 hours of instruction that include two hours of content-based learning, module sessions plus one hour of structured phonics. The objective for primary grades is to develop a strong literacy and phonemic foundation in preparation for higher order literacy skills necessary for third grade and beyond.

EL Education for 3rd-5th grade

    • 2 hours of instruction that includes one hour of module lessons plus one hour of Language and Literacy block instruction with specific lessons related to writing mechanics and proper grammar usage.


Band   Dance   Gym

  • Students will be exposed to a band that allows students a chance to practice emotions, fine motor skills, discipline, rigor, and persistence. The band is a safe place where all students can develop discipline, teamwork and the love of making music together. The band is collaborative! It teaches patience, persistence, and responsibility.
  • Dance has a major role in boosting your child's social development. When children dance, they express their emotions in front of their audience. With all that grooving, a child feels safe to open up to the world.
  • Gym is a physical education system that provides cognitive content and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness.