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National Honor Society Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Communication and Media Arts High School held its annual National Honor Society Induction & Excellence Awards Ceremony. During the event, nineteen students were inducted into the National Honor Society. The new inductees are:

  • Margaret Aliu
  • Zaniah Cummings
  • Ameya Dellihue
  • Ma'Naida Gonzalez
  • SaNyia Herman
  • Dechneri Jackson
  • Brianna Johnson
  • Bianca King
  • Arrielle Marshall
  • Ashayla Middlebrook
  • Jarren Moore
  • India Mullen
  • Re'Yanna Odom
  • Parrish Poe
  • Amya Reed
  • Taylar Toodle
  • Jada Vanner
  • Sarenti Wallace-Lawson
  • Justin Webb

Additionally, seniors who maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher throughout all four years of high school were recognized with Excellence Awards. The honored students and their GPAs are:

  • India Mullen with a 4.2 GPA
  • Ashayla Middlebrook with a 3.97 GPA
  • Zaniah Cummings with a 3.93 GPA
  • Taylar Toodle with a 3.90 GPA
  • Arrielle Marshall with a 3.74 GPA
  • Jada Vanner with a 3.71 GPA
  • Amya Reed with a 3.70 GPA
  • Ameya Dellihue with a 3.64 GPA
  • Bri'anna Grayson with a 3.58 GPA
  • Dorian White with a 3.58 GPA
  • Sareniti Wallace-Lawson with a 3.56 GPA

Students being inducted into national honor societyStudent signing National Honor Society BookStudent receiving Student shaking hands with teacher