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Communication & Media Arts High School  
Parent Newsletter 
January 7, 2021 -  January 18, 2021 


January Parent Meeting 

January 21, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.  

Expect Respect

 January Expect Respect   Trait  Citizenship . We are asking student to submit a video on there ideal of good citizenship.  

 Progress Report & Reports Cards 

 Q2 Progress Reports Will be  Mailed to student's home today.  The progress reports reflect student’s academic progress as of  January  5, 2021 . These graders are not Semester grades. Semester 1 report will be mailed  February 9, 2021

 Winter Assessments  

Performance Matters testing will begin Thursday January 7, 2021. All 11th graders will take  one Science assessment and two Social Studies assessment.  

 Academic Approaches Assessments.Grades 9-11 will take Winter Academic approaches test  the week of  January 19, 2021 thru January 22, 2021  

Parent Survey  

Students please ask your parent to complete the Family survey, your opinion matters Parent Survey Link :  
Generic link – Parents will also be able to access the survey by going to the link A parent using the generic link will be prompted to enter their student’s ID number preceded by a lowercase “f.” For example, a student ID number of 12345 would be entered as f12345. There should not be any dashes or spaces in the number entered.  Last Day to take survey is January 15, 2021 

 Credit Recovery  

Extended Day school and Afterschool tutorial begins Monday January 11, 2021 .   All students grades 9-12 will be permitted to take two core subject classes in extended day school. ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Extended Day school is a self-paced class. Teacher will be available for support.  Student will need to check in with their teachers during 3:15 p.m. - 4:15  p.m. . Teachers will be available the  full hour  on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 

After School Tutorial 

 All students that are current earning a D or F in  core classes will be recommended  for  after school tutorial. The dates January 11, 2021  Thru  June 5, 2021 . Time 3:15-4:15 . Teachers will be available  the  full hour  on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 

 Senior Updates  

Senior Parent Connections   Link : 
Seniors your Cap and gown pictures are in you may pick them up from the main office between hours 9-3:30 .  
Seniors should submitted their college acceptance letters to Mrs. Hudson-Johnson  Senior  Meeting  Tuesday January 12, 2021  at 9:00  

  Academic Intervention  Programs 

 Tier One support for all students – End of the day  one on ne teacher support during teacher  office hours  
Tier 2 and 3 Support  
11th graders are enrolled in  test prep courses for  Math and or ELA it was based on their scores on  Academic Approaches and PSAT scores  
10th graders that currently have a D or F in ELA will receive reading support once a week  during  their ELA class  
9th graders  that  score in a particular score range on  their 8th grade I-ready  is enrolled in  a reading intervention  through   their Orton Gilliam course . 

Final Exams for Semester 1  

Begin the week ok January 29, 2021 thru February 2, 2021  

 No School Dates 

 MLK Day January 18, 2021  
Winter Break February 15 through February 19

Wellness Wednesday

Twice a week students and staff engage in a   wellness  meeting check  
 This gives student a opportunity to  share  there feelings and concerns about their school experiences and how they are handling stress  and  limited personal concerns. Students and staff share there feelings  via Padlet amously  and on Teams