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Count Day Incentives

Teacher’s Name

Incentive 1

Incentive II

Incentive III


Bayles, L.


10% added to a test grade





Conaway, N.


Bonus 10 points


1 HW Pass



Conwell, S.


+10 on any Test


25% Quiz boost


1 Homework Pass


Dunson, R.


Bonus 10 points


+5 Any Quiz


Drop 1 Assignment


Frederick, K.


Attendance 50 points


+10 on any test



Fresh, R.


50 extra pts.


+10 on any test


Use notes on one test


Guyton, M.


+5 Extra Credit


Double if VP on-time



Harlan, S.


10 pts. extra credit for classwork




Nickerson, C.


Extra credit coupon


5 extra pts.


10 extra pts.


James, M.


100 pts. for attendance




Kaur, P.


10 bonus pts. for classwork assignment


+10 points on Chapter Test



Martin, M.


Extra credit survey




Misuraca, D.


25 Extra credit pts.





Iban, E.


10 Reward Points


20 points extra on Quiz


Drop 1 worst grade.


Olving, K.


50 points add on any assignment


20 points add on any Quiz



Neilson, G.

Full credit for CADET CHALLENGE 10-9 – 10/16




Parizon, M.


10 extra pts. on one quiz


10 extra points on one test


10 bonus points added to the next class assignment


Patrick, A.


25 pts. extra credit and watch “La Familia”




Seabron, K.


50 “Attendance Points” Class Work Category


50 “Attendance Points” Class Work Category



Stokes, C.

Drop lowest quiz grade and drop lowest classwork assignment





Sutherby, D.


Drop an extra non-participation day.


Drop 2 Do Nows




Westcott, W.



10 extra credit pts. on Test




Williams, R.


Print pass extension (1 day)


Late assignment extension (1 day)