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Communication & Media Arts Move to Ludington Campus FAQ

Parent/Student Community members I want to provide you with a fact sheet regarding our move to the Ludington campus for the Fall 2020 School Year. This is a great opportunity for CMA.

1. All students who currently attend CMA will be enrolled in CMA in the Fall of 2020.
2. Current CMA students will not be required to take an admissions exam.
3. All staff will be moving to the CMA Ludington campus.
4. Bus Transportation will be provided from CMA (14771 Mansfield) to CMA at Ludington Campus.
5. There are plans to develop the CMA/Ludington grounds for Athletics.
6. Ludington is a larger building in better condition than CMA.
7. Ludington’s rising 7th and 8th grade students will be allowed to remain at Ludington for the 2020 School Year.
8. There is a commitment by the District to support the development of more Communication/Media Arts classes to support CMA’s program.
9. The CMA building will be used by the District or community. The building will not be boarded up.
10. CMA will maintain in its current application status with a pending examination component for the 2021 School Year.