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Ann Arbor Trail's Turkey Trot!!!

Ann Arbor Trail's Turkey Trot


Students had a great time running laps around the school in our first Turkey Trot! Teachers, parents and students all cheered on the runners giving them an extra boost of confidence. The first place winners took home a gold medal, certificate and a turkey. All others who placed took home a medal, certificate and a prize of their choosing. 


3rd grade boys running boys running 4th grade running twins running striding to lap 2 6th grade running 6th grade boys running 6th grade girls running tired after placing in the race 5th grade boy running girl running and giving a high five crossing the finish line  pacing to the finish line 5th grade boy giving a high five 6th grade boy running to lap 2 high fives Mrs. Boykin running 5th grade boy running lap girl running across the finish line  sister cheering on her sister 8th grade running Ms.Paul and Tylah boy finishing the race 8th grade boys finishing the race 8th grade boy running 8th grade boy running 2nd lap 1st place winner from 6th grade 7th grade running 8th grade boys crossing the finish line 8th grade girl finishing the race 1st grade girl winner 1st grade girl winners 1st grade boy winner giving out awards  2nd grade boy winner 3rd grade girl winners 1st place 3rd grade girl winner 4th grade boy winners 5th grade girl winners 5th grade winners 5th grade boy winner 1st place 6th grade boy winner