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Spirit Week Celebrates Diversity and Unity

Wayne Elementary School is gearing up for an exciting celebration and community-building week with its upcoming Spirit Week, which the Student Council will present. Scheduled from February 12 to February 16, the week promises various engaging activities to foster school spirit and honor cultural heritage.

The festivities kick off on Monday with African Attire Day, encouraging students to showcase their cultural pride by wearing African attire or donning red, black, or green shirts. This vibrant start sets the tone for a week filled with appreciation and unity.

Tuesday brings Books and Buddies Day, where older scholars from grades 3-5 will have the special opportunity to read to their younger peers from Pre-K to Second Grade. This cross-grade activity promotes literacy and fosters mentorship among Wayne's Elementary scholars.

On Wednesday, the school will be ablaze with red attire as students participate in "We Love Our Black History" day. The color red symbolizes the love and admiration for Black history, encouraging students to reflect on the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout history.

Thursday is dedicated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Day. Students are encouraged to wear T-shirts representing these esteemed institutions. This day not only honors the legacy of HBCUs but inspires students to aspire to higher education and academic excellence.

Finally, the week concludes on Friday with School Spirit Day, an opportunity for students to showcase their pride in Wayne's Elementary by wearing school gear and colors.

Through Spirit Week, Wayne Elementary School aims to promote diversity, unity, and academic excellence among its students. The Student Council looks forward to a week filled with fun, learning, and community building as the school celebrates its rich heritage and collective spirit.


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