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Double Dutch and Reading equals Success!

Spain's Speech Pathologist, Shikina Bodley, brought her amazing 40 and over Double Dutch team all the way to Spain to share their skills with the students. It was an exciting day filled with jumping rope and Double Dutch fun! Not only did they teach the students new tricks, but they also brought along books to donate to everyone. Even the staff and Principal Cannon joined in on the fun, taking turns doing Double Dutch with the team. Double Dutch isn't just about jumping rope; it's about teamwork, exercise, and having a blast together. By working together to keep the ropes moving and trying new jumps, the students learned important team-building skills. Plus, jumping rope is a great way to stay healthy and active. Thanks to Shikina Bodley and her team, everyone at Spain School had a day they'll never forget!

Students picking out books donated by the 40 and over Double Dutch Team adults turning double dutch ropes and students jumping