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Spain's Black History Month Activities

We are celebrating Black History Month big at Spain.  We have a month of activities planned to educate and uplift our students and staff, while having a little bit of fun while we are at it.  Students were sent home with a calendar of daily activities that everyone can participate in throughout the month.  We start the month out with HBCU Pride Day where students and staff can rep their favorite HBCU by wearing clothing and para.  We throw it back to the 70's and 80's by wearing clothing from those era's and stopping to dance to aliitle throwback music when it comes on the PA throughout the day.  We have other days like African Garb Day, Black Film Day, Posting your dreams throughout the halls for I Have A Dream Day and we culminate the month with our Annual Black History Program showcasing our Conservatory Performing Arts and many of our classes.  Check out the calendar and join in celebrating throughout the month with us.