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Renaissance K-12 U800 Team Wins 1st place at Chess Nationals

This year at the U.S. Chess Federation's 2023 National High School (K-12) Championships one of the teams representing Renaissance won first place in the nation in their division. 


The District was able to send Renaissance, Cass Tech, Marygrove and Bates Academy students to Washington D.C. to compete against some of the best schools in the nation.


In the tournament, schools have several teams compete in various divisions including K-12 U1600, K-12 U1200, K-12 U800, and K-12 Unrated. 


For the K-12 U800 division our Renaissance Phoenix won 1st Place in the nation! The members of this team who dominated the field were: 


  • Jeremiah Young-Walker: 6.0 points (6 wins and 1 loss), and had a rating of 797
  • Shane Dwayne Crumsey: 5.0 points (5 wins and 2 losses), and had a rating of 355 
  • Stevae Crumsey: 4.5 points (4 wins, 1 stalemate, and 2 losses) and had a rating of 666
  • Justin Smith: 4.0 points (4 wins, 3 losses) and had a rating of 331 

There were more than 407 students and 67 teams in their division also competing for 1st place. These champions made history for Renaissance and the District as a whole. 


Written By: Ellington Smith