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Celebrating Success and Having Fun on Decision Day

At Randolph Career Technical Center, May 13, 2024, was a super exciting day that unfolded with Decision Day and the Olympiad being held simultaneously. Decision Day celebrated Randolph's graduating high school seniors as they declared where they will attend apprenticeships and college. The inaugural Olympiad showcased Randolph students as they celebrated each other through competitions. The winning class will proudly display the championship trophy in their classroom throughout the 2024-2025 school year. Both activities were a big hit!

Everyone cheered and celebrated, having a great time as staff and students acknowledged the hard work and talents showcased during these events. Randolph counselor Stacy Jackson remarked, "This day is super important because it's what the whole year leads up to." Ms. Jackson reminded us that the goal is to prepare students for jobs upon completion of their programs. Randolph is committed to ensuring students have what they need to succeed. 

Hoop Toss at Olympiad