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Noble's Celebration of Culture Day!

Noble Elementary-Middle School held it's first Noble Celebration of Culture Day, and it was a huge success!

Ms Hill, Ms Moore, Ms Sanders (organizers) and teachers, teamed up to spread light on culture and diversity by hosting this remarkable event to help students cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the many cultures that make up our planet.

The school gymnasium was transformed into a mini World's Fair. Teachers showcased their country's traditions with bright banners/display boards, intricate drawings, national flags, decorative knick-knacks, colorful dress, and declicious food samples.

Noble students had an opportunity to view the beautifully decorated booths and learn about each country's culture. They especially enjoyed sampling the food that was prepared for them. Our kids really enjoyed this special day and insisted that we do it annually.

It's important for children (and adults) to learn about diverse backgrounds so that we can accept, respect, and celebrate one another, because America is a melting pot, and that's what makes our country great!

Special thanks to Ms Hill, Ms Moore and Ms Sanders for organizing Noble's Celebration of Culture Day, and teachers for their hard work designing booths and displaying their creativity. It was truly a global adventure!

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