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Honoring Great Teachers & Parents!

MLA's PTA is honoring great teachers and parents! We are excited to celebrate Mrs. C. Green (4th/5th Grade Teacher) & Mrs. D. Coleman (Pre-K Teacher) who has been honored for Teacher of the Month for April and May consecutively. Also, we would like to celebrate PTA President, Ms. T. Grant for Parent of the Month for May!


Both Mrs. C. Green and Mrs. D. Coleman has been educators in the city of Detroit for over 10 years. They are dedicated to the scholars at MLA by going over and beyond and using real-life sceanarios to teach curriculum. 

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Ms. T. Grant has been a committed parent at Law Academy for over 10 years where all her children has attended MLA! We thank Ms. T. Grant for committing and volunteering her time, patience and energy to our school community.

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