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Perfect Attendance Luncheon

Perfect Attendance Luncheons have become the buzz at MLA! On Friday, February 15th, MLA's Attendance Team hosted a Perfect Attendance Luncheon for students with perfect in December 2018. The luncheon was held in the school's Media Center with delcious pizza, snacks, laughter, smiles, and rewards. 


Students were recognized for coming to school daily, received Lions Loot and a free dress pass!


January 2019 Perfect Attendance students will have their luncheon on Friday, March 1st with a Walking Tacos Party! 


The next Perfect Attendance Luncheon will be on Thursday, March 28th for students with Perfect Attendance during February 2019. We will have a Special Movie Presentation with popcorn and other theatre snacks!


Other upcoming events will be announced, posted around the school and information will be sent home.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school's Attendance Agent, Ms. J. at 313-866-3400.