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Susie and Her Goslings Find New Home at Jerry L. White Center Courtyard

In a heartwarming turn of events, the courtyard of the Jerry L. White Center has become the new home for a charming goose family. Susie, the proud mother goose, and her fluffy goslings have captured the hearts of staff and visitors alike, but what's even more heartening is the presence of her devoted mate, Gus.

Gus, the doting husband, has been by Susie's side since the beginning of their nesting journey. Together, they selected the secluded corner of the courtyard as the perfect spot to start their family. While Susie diligently tended to her nest, Gus stood watch, ensuring her safety and providing moral support.

Yesterday, the courtyard echoed with joyous chirps and honks as Susie proudly paraded her five fluffy goslings around, with Gus proudly strutting beside them. The tiny newcomers, sporting fuzzy gray feathers, waddled behind their parents in a charming display of familial unity.

"It's truly heartening to see such a loving and devoted couple raise their family right here in our courtyard," remarked Michelle Nicols, Teacher. "Susie and Gus remind us of the importance of companionship and teamwork in nurturing the next generation."

In light of their unexpected guests, the administrators would like to remind the students and staff to maintain a respectful distance to ensure the comfort and safety of Susie, Gus, and their goslings.

As spring blossoms and life renews itself, the presence of Susie, Gus, and their goslings serves as a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of preserving and cherishing the natural world. Visitors to the Jerry L. White Center are encouraged to take a moment to appreciate this special bond between family members, and to celebrate the beauty of nature flourishing in unexpected places.