• students playing basketball Carver STEM offers many opportunities for students to become involved in various clubs and athletic teams.  We understand that students need a creative outlet to showcase talents and discover new ones.  We are excited to watch our students grow and continue to learn outside of the classroom.

      Go Green

      • The PBL program that I have is Go Green. It consists of myself, two leaders from Go Green, who are Josh Musicant and Brianna Young, and twenty-three 3rd-8th graders. Our intentions are to complete specific goals to improve the environment in and around Carver STEM Academy. We have been working with Dr. Cummings and our team to make improvements. We are planning to plant the garden, fix the stone flower bed on the west side of the building, plant bushes, and provide signs and trash cans for the playground.

        Contact person: Lynn Chudy-lynn.chudy@detroitk12.org

      Sensory Project-based Learning

      • Our classroom consists of people with the disability of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Every Wednesday in the afternoon, our Project Base Learning (PBL) is based on Sensory. We work on our Five Senses in various activities, which may consist of; see, taste, touch, hear, and smell. Students with Autism learn best by using; tactile (touch), visual (sight), auditory (hearing), and sometimes, in those areas, a student may have two out of the three that are stronger than the other. The students love to work on their sensory activities on Wednesday and I love to see them stay engaged and excited about what’s the “Mystery Sensory activity of the Day”.

        The staff of Room #204
        Mrs. Jeannie Jones, Special Education Provider
        Mr. Troy Tatum

        Contact person: Jeannie Jones-jeannie.jones@detroitk12.org


      • For additional information, please contact our main office at 313-240-6622.

        Our athletics program includes:

        • Basketball
        • Soccer
        • Cheerleading

        Soccer Team Basketball Team cheer team